About – Who Is The Elusive Certified Cat Lady?

Dear Certified Cat Lady

No, don’t look around. Yes, you. We are addressing you, you ultimate Cat Lover Lady…

Whenever we come across the word cat lady, an image of a single woman in her 50s transcends into our imaginations.

She has more than just a cat, which cuddles around her as she sits on a padded armchair with fresh tea simmering in a kettle in her kitchen while she sews some woolen mittens for one of her favorite kittens. There are pictures of cats everywhere in her house, some of those who have passed away.

Please tell us we aren’t the only ones who think of cat ladies the same way?

By popular definition, cat ladies are single women owning multiple cats. The cats are their friendly equivalent of humans. They lead solitary lives just like their friends – the cats and enjoy every bit of it – again like cats!

Regardless of what the stereotype suggests, many women pet cats because they are aware of the many health benefits of keeping a furry friend close. Unless you are allergic to cat hair of course! Pick up any research on pets and you will come across a section that talks about how they improve the quality of life for their owners. Some suggest that they increase one’s lifespan while others argue how they alleviate depression and stress.

Various reports suggest that cats encourage their owners to stay fit while other studies reveal their role as a great companion. Others propose fewer outbursts, heart attacks and stressful reactions. Based on all the evidence gathered from scientific researches, we can safely say that, there is a lot that pets in general, have to offer to their caregivers. No wonder 30.1% of households in America have owners with cats.

But why having a cat is always associated with women? That too, with those who are single?

Perhaps, it is because most women in their 50s lead a routine-based life. They have lived many exciting years of their lives and now enjoy the quietness. Unlike other pets (especially dogs) cats resonate more to such women. Think about it, they don’t demand to be walked, have no “take-me-out-coz-I-need-to-poop” needs and enjoy doing nothing and just staring outside the window all day.

Sounds like purrfect companionship to us!

As a matter of fact, they are better than most needy human beings.

Women who come home to no one can still feel like they have someone to share their lives with. Cats rarely demand any affection, they don’t give you the eye when you come home late or question you about your whereabouts. They don’t complain about your cooking skills and even clean up after themselves… Don’t you just LOVE that?

But that is not all. They do much more than just that for us. They teach us a lot about living our lives blissfully. Even though they are often labeled as bosses of their own world, they do have a lot to offer in subliminal messages. Just by having a cat in your house can teach you secrets to life that no other book in the world can teach you.

Intrigued as to where we are getting with this?

Well, we have decided to dedicate this website to Certified Cat Ladies and their cats, the uncelebrated superheroes who live their lives loving their cats and caring for their cats. And we are also here to dispel the notion that a cat lady needs to be someone who is a single woman with multiple cats leading a lonesome life!

We are also all geared up to show the world just how cool cats really are despite the popular notion that they are troublemakers based on the numerous viral cat images and cat memes that populate the internet. In fact, there are so many important lessons cats can teach us about life…

All set? Let’s begin!

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